Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Baby Changing Bags Q & A for September

We receive many telephone and e-mail question from customers regarding the features and benefits of many of our baby changing bags. So we though we would pass a few of the answers onto this blog and maybe answer some of your queries.

So here’s a few changing bag Q & A's

Q: Which changing bag have the most accessories?

A: Ju-Ju Be bags have been designed with a parent in mind, key attachments, credit card holding pocket, photo holder and plenty of pockets for storage, along with a baby changing mat. Whereas OiOi changing bags have the most accessories for the parent and baby, with Baby bottle insulater, baby changing mat, wet wipe holder and soft changing mat. Depends on your individual needs! http://www.sugarplumtree.co.uk/oioi/

Q: Which changing bags can be worn over the shoulder?

A: Any of the following baby changing bags can be worn over the shoulder: Oioi Hobo range, JuJu Be All, Wallaboo and we can recommend the Skip Hop Duo or Skip Hop Dash. Skip Hop bags are lightweight, flat in shape, compact, great for over the shoulder! http://www.sugarplumtree.co.uk/skip-hop-dash-cherry-bloom-delux-changing-bag.html

Q: Are any of the Baby Changing Bags Washable?

A: OiOi and Skip Hop bags have a wipe clean finish. Where as Ju Ju Be Be All bags are machine washable, which is fantastic news. We sugggest that these are washed on a 30 oC cycle and are left to dry in a warm place for 24 hours. http://www.sugarplumtree.co.uk/ju-ju-be/

If you have any changing bag questions you would like to be added to this blog and answered please post a comment. or visit www.Sugar Plum Tree.co.uk and contact us there.