Thursday, 13 August 2009

Skip Hop Day Time TV Feature

We found this Skip Hop changing bag TV day time feature. We though it might be good to post it here. It's a little out of date as the patterns have changed and there is now a deluxe version, but all the basic features are still the same. So make a nice cup of tea, pull up a chair and learn all the features and benefits of Skip Hop Bags....

We hope you found this feature informative. Post your comments.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Baby Changing bags Q & A for August

We receive many telephone and e-mail question from customers regarding the features and benefits of many of our baby changing bags. So we though we would pass a few of the answers onto this blog and maybe answer some of your queries.

So here’s a few changing bag Q & A's

Q: Which bag is best in the rain?

A: We looked at all of our range and most if not all were water resistant up to a point (shower resistant). But the best styles we suggest are those that have all of the pockets and openings protected buy either a zip or secured flap. This will keep out the heavy showers, but we do not suggest going swimming with any range of changing bag!

Q: Which bag has the most pockets?

A: It has to be the Ju Ju Be BeAll. 13 functional pockets in all!, a pocket for everything. make up, mobile phone, wet wipes, photos, keys, purse, nappies, soiled nappies and of course a huge central space to fill up. You can see a video of al these features on a previous posting or see the full range here: Ju Ju Be Changing bags

Q: How do some bags fix to the buggy?

A: OiOi and Skip Hop bags have a buggy fixture on each top corner of the bag. These fixtures clip around the handles of your buggy or pushchair suspending the changing bag below. Making it easier to access your bag on the go. See below for a short video of the Skip Hop buggy clip to give you a better idea of how they work. Ju Ju Be BeAll bags will fix in a similar way, but you do need to purchase connector clips separately.

If you have any changing bag questions you would like to be added to this blog and answered please post a comment. or visit Sugar Plum Tree and contact us there.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ju-Ju-Be Be All that sums it up.

You're smart so your why should'nt your bag be too....friendly pockets make this bag easy to toe along the stuff...and anti-microbial linings let you worry about having fun, not fighting germs.....colourful linings make it even more like you.....a surprise on the inside.

A few words from the makers of JU-JU-BE

Ju Ju Be BeAll Colours and Collection CLICK HERE

* Waterproof and Teflon™ Coated to fight off spills and mess
* Side Insulated Bottle pockets for easy reach in emergency Thinsulate™ insulation can keep it hot or cold
* Crumb Drain to get rid of the mess so it does not stay in your bag
* 3 way adjustable handle (click detail images and features)
* Picture pocket to keep handy when bragging to friends
* 2nd front pocket includes 3 small mesh pockets
* Large main compartment also has 3 additional pockets (1 zipped and 3 mesh) *
* Mummy Pocket with cosmetic pouch and cell phone pocket
* Light inner lining to make it easier to find things and less like a black hole!
* Removable memory foam changing mat with anti microbial treatment
* Long Leash key clip to reach all your doors without being unhooked
* Quiet magnetic closing system so your baby is not disturbed

Pattern: 'Groovy Garden'
Bag Size: 36 x 25 x 15cm
Changing Mat Size: 55x31cm

We think that Ju Ju Be is worth a post just because of all the features....the changing bag is packed with them! As you see above nothing has been left out, even a place to put a photo of your new addition...ahhhhh. If its function and pockets you want from your bag then Ju Ju Be is the ones to go for. Well worth the high price tag as well!

Avaiable from Sugar Plum Tree:

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Summer Changing Essential

Wallaboo Summer Time Changing Kit

This has to be all you need but without the Changing Bag. Wallaboo have taken the essential bit you need to travel with and packed them in a baby changing kit. Here's whats inside:

* Toiletries bag for nappies, powder, wipes and more
* Insulated bottle holder
* Padded baby changing mat
* Bag for separating soiled clothes or nappies
* Pacifier pod that keeps a pacifier clean and comes with a handy strap to attach to stroller

Pack it all up and put it in your hand luggage or travel bag. Saves taking your Changing Bag on holiday, but gives you all the options to change on the move.

This item is available from Sugar Plum Tree at the price below:

Wallaboo Summer Time Kit: £15.00

Saturday, 1 August 2009

How cool is this baby bag accessory!

Skip Hop 'Swipe' Wet Wipe Dispenser

This has to be one of the best Changing Bag gadgets to have. Dispense your wet wipes easily and always have them to had (hangs off your changing bag or buggy). Pull a single wipe and leave all the others behind to stay moist, no more trails of wet wipes. Here's a few of the manufactures (Skip Hop) best bits:

* Quick-draw button slides open and shut with one hand
* Grab-strap snaps onto any stroller or bag
* Dispenses wipes neatly, one at a time
* Translucent case lets you see when to refill
* BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free
* Dimensions (inches): 8.75 wide x 5 high x 1.625 deep

When you need a baby wipe on the double, Swipe delivers. Its secure-snap lid keeps wipes moist and ready for any mess, and the Quick-draw opening makes for super-easy, one-handed access...WOW!

This great accessory is available from Sugar Plum Tree in the baby Changing Bag section. We think that if you've got all the extra's in side your bag then this has to be a must have for the outside of your baby bag. Well will keep a look out for more changing bag gadgets and post them here.

Skip Hop 'Swipe' Wet Wipe Holder: £8.00