Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Baby Changing bags Q & A for August

We receive many telephone and e-mail question from customers regarding the features and benefits of many of our baby changing bags. So we though we would pass a few of the answers onto this blog and maybe answer some of your queries.

So here’s a few changing bag Q & A's

Q: Which bag is best in the rain?

A: We looked at all of our range and most if not all were water resistant up to a point (shower resistant). But the best styles we suggest are those that have all of the pockets and openings protected buy either a zip or secured flap. This will keep out the heavy showers, but we do not suggest going swimming with any range of changing bag!

Q: Which bag has the most pockets?

A: It has to be the Ju Ju Be BeAll. 13 functional pockets in all!, a pocket for everything. make up, mobile phone, wet wipes, photos, keys, purse, nappies, soiled nappies and of course a huge central space to fill up. You can see a video of al these features on a previous posting or see the full range here: Ju Ju Be Changing bags

Q: How do some bags fix to the buggy?

A: OiOi and Skip Hop bags have a buggy fixture on each top corner of the bag. These fixtures clip around the handles of your buggy or pushchair suspending the changing bag below. Making it easier to access your bag on the go. See below for a short video of the Skip Hop buggy clip to give you a better idea of how they work. Ju Ju Be BeAll bags will fix in a similar way, but you do need to purchase connector clips separately.

If you have any changing bag questions you would like to be added to this blog and answered please post a comment. or visit Sugar Plum Tree and contact us there.

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